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                Travelling as an action is the most used activity in the world since the dawn of intelligent humans. This activity has not been limited to us though. Whether it is a trip to the local store to pick up a few things or maybe taking a trip to an unknown destination, travelling is the best way to relax and maybe learn something new. When you add sightseeing in the mix, you're bound to go on an amazing trip.


               There's something about sightseeing that leaves us mesmerized and filled with positive attitudes towards ourselves, the world and life. My reasoning is that when you get to witness an amazing sunset from a mountain top and see the sun set behind the sea, almost being sunk but always with the spectacle of colours.. it just leaves one breathless of the beauty our planet has been blessed to have and enjoy. Aside from the obvious cliche we have to consider that those types of phenomenons happen for a better reason than just physical, or astronomical. It's good to understand the concept, or process but it's nothing compared to the big picture which undoubtedly one day we will understand. Until then we'll just have to watch the show and smile at the pretty colours and shapes....but I digress.

           I'm not going to convince you of anything, I am not trying to sell you anything (ads are in place for obvious reasons), I will not  steal anyone's work or creations.

             I will however express myself as honest and thorough as possible while at the same time add a little humour and possibly a positive tag to anything written or presented on this site.

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I'll try to keep this site as updated as my other responsibilities let me. thank you for understanding

   I've always had an eye for unusual spots where beauty could be observed. I know these are not the greatest shots in the world. But if you enter, have a look and a small read maybe it will affect you in a positive way, or not.  But if it does, my goal has been achieved.